Once the bundle of joy, you have been anticipating for nine months is finally here, recording those milestones, as your baby grows is very precious. Milestones of babies are very precious memories that never grow old, but stay precious no matter how old your little baby grows. Many mothers find it hard to manage, to keep up with the milestones, when the load of work hits one with tackling the bundle of joy. But it is also best to keep them recorded, so that you can always look back at it and cherish. There are many ways and means today, with creativity taking over the world to record these milestones, here’s few.

A baby book One of the oldest methods, of recording all milestones of a baby from before birth, up until the age of about five years old. A baby book is a readymade book, which can be purchased or gifted to any soon to be mother, so that everything can be complied in one book. It’s a compile made of all the memories that can be recorded, since the baby was conceived up until growth. Parents can record their preparation, then the baby seeing this world and the growth of the baby with different milestones he or she reached. It’s a categorized book, with the pre made page settings, where easily any mummy or daddy can fill out the necessary details and record milestones. A Scrapbook Keeping away from the traditional baby book, many attempt to do their own, customized version of a baby book, which is milestones recorded in form of a scrap book.

Everyone tries to keep it unique and customized, as it adds to being much more precious and the milestone memories that go into, become much more valued. If you are unplanned about exactly what you want and how you want it, it is simple scrapbook layouts, because you just can keep adding, whenever milestones take place or you feel like adding. It can be collections of pictures, notes, baby hair, feet drawing, thumb prints, family gatherings and much more collected and put together, in a unique manner. A Digital album In the day and age of technology today, everything is going digital and we see many exploring this avenue, of marking down the important milestones of babies. Pictures speak a thousand words and today it is so simple to record absolutely anything with a picture or a video. Digital albums are another mode that can be effectively used to record milestones of babies, that can always be looked back at and cherish over the many fond memories of toddler days. Even though restricted, to only pictures and motion videos, notes are limited but can be creatively added and mark down, all important milestones of your baby.

Milestones Of Your Baby