When the sport of racing first started, it started off as the usual races between people, which still continues today as a widely practiced sport. Over time, technology started to evolve, and as technology has an impact on every aspect of life, it had an impact on sport as well, and as a result, it impacted racing by bringing about new ideas and introducing new types of racing. Car racing, also known as auto racing, was first introduced in 1867, when cars were first developed. The cars used in racing today are much more developed and have higher capacities when considering speed and mobility. In the early 20th century, racing witnessed the introduction of plane racing. With all these new developments in terms of both technology and talent, we have a variety of racing these days, which includes car racing, bicycle races which are on a scale so large we even have the Tour De France, plane racing and even boat racing.

One of the latest developments gadget have been the introduction of drones, and these are used in a variety of different ways. They are used in photography and videography and are therefore even incorporated into the making of television shows and movies, as it is easier to get a good aerial vision from high up by using drones. Drones have also been used in delivery, and a good example is Amazon, which uses drones for purposes of delivery purposes. In addition to its massive contribution to the commercial industries, drones are also used for domestic purposes. In terms of racing, a racing drone can be used for drone racing, which is one of the latest introductions in the racing industry.

For the purpose of drone racing, an FPV drone in Australia is most often used. This stands for First Person View, and the drone is modified in such a way as to be suitable for racing purposes, and in addition to this, it allows the user of the drone, or the racer to be able to have a first person view which enables them to navigate the drone properly and without difficulty. Drone racing is yet to become a commercially funded sporting event, as the nature of the sport itself suggests that it is more suitable for recreational or leisure purposes, classifying it as something that is more of a hobby than a sport. Those who are highly enthusiastic about racing in a more domestic atmosphere would find this new method of racing extremely interesting and exciting, and therefore, drone racing has the potential to grow into something more popularized.

The Evolution Of Racing